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From the time I was six years old, I knew I wanted to help people for a living. I entered college as a pre-med major with the intention of pursuing a medical degree. During the same time, I was dealing with chronic pain related to serious knee injuries and a joint disorder.

After being told that the medical profession had little to offer (except more surgery to remove my knee caps), I began to explore alternative healing systems. I discovered the power of the mind-body connection and the effect that attitude can have on our health. These discoveries awakened a passion and a calling to help others live more positively and tap into their fullest potential for health, happiness, and success.

To pursue this new calling, I decided to study psychology. I earned a masters degree in psychology from the University of Dayton and then continued on to earn a doctorate of psychology (Psy.D.) from Wright State University. In addition to this formal academic training, I also studied other topics of interest on my own, such as: psychoneuroimmunology, mind-body therapies, hypnosis, quantum physics, and many differenct types of spirituality.

As a soul psychologist and life coach, I combine my expertise in positive psychology, transpersonal psychology, hypnosis, stress management, quantum science, and eastern spirituality to provide transformational services to individuals and businesses. My goal is to help people conect with their essential spirit and use the laws of success to achieve their fullest potential and manifest their dreams.

In 2005 I co-founded Popular Inspirations, Ltd ( with my sister (Traci Harrell) to provide products and services to help busy people achieve their fullest potential for health, happiness, and success. Traci and I created a new digital product - ipopins - that delivers positive affirmations to busy people on-the-go in a fun and convenient way.


favorite places: Longboat Key, FL; Sedona, AZ; Sante Fe, NM; Kauai, HI
things I love: my family, anything iPod, books, cats, little dogs, Lost, Sopranos, Princess Bride, Monty Python, Law and Order, traveling, dolphins, the beach