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April 30, 2007



Thanks for the lovely articles.

Love. Peace . Harmony .


Thanks for the lovely articles.

Love. Peace . Harmony .


Namaste Beloved One... OM Shanti...


Partial list of friend(s)(Some that are in spiritual form. I gaurantee you that some of the connections that are transmitting with you currently possess body's(matter) here on Earth, just as you possess yours. I'm living proof/lol):
Here's the list: Eve(Destiny,Venus), Enoch, Socrates, Eashoa,Mary Magdeline, Rose, Mohammed, Lorenzo Medici(true founder of America through Giovanni(his slain brother's first name(him as well)Cabot, with financed coverups through Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci and Cortez(the previous three are somewhat good in nature, but there's not much reason to channel with them except to maybe say "hi and bye"),Mary of Scots, Carl Marx, Abraham Lincoln, Jon Leinin, Nicola Tesla,Robert and John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Marylin Monroe, Timothy Leary, Ghandi, Gene Roddenberry, John Lennon, Bruce Lee and others. You have been welcomed into awesome and beautiful company as have I. Rather, we've always been together and temporarily forgotten,which is part of the current living contract we run on. Once you realize this, all of your friends will become more clear. Hi, my name is Eric, nice to meet your presence, you're rather lovely. Anyways, I was brought to you by typing into Google: Mistakes were made. Can people live in harmony, peace and love without falling apart at the seams. They must work together just as they play together.
This is what I got back:
Peace, love, and harmony-
You see your passions aren't just about the things you love to do - they can ... and Harmony are all intersected principals or "powers" working together. You cannot have peace without first having love and with love and peace comes harmony. ... Peace is very powerful, and while it seems gentle and docile - it can ...
So I guess that means we should work together. Hey, Jude? You can contact me at, peace and love,

The 3 Next Days rapidshare

My pal sent me an email suggesting i read this. I love it, i bookmarked your website. Keep the good work coming.

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